Transforming Territorial Planning with Local Digital Twins

About the project

Funded by:  Interreg Europe

Project Duration:  42 months

Start Date:  01/01/2024

End Date:  31/12/2028

EU Funding: €5,02 million

Total Project Budget: €8,38 million

In the midst of the transition to sustainability and digitalization, local and regional authorities are facing increasingly complex challenges in planning their territories. To ensure resilience and a high quality of life for humans, animals and the environment (One Health), these authorities must systematically renew their decision-making processes.

The TwinforResilience project aims to facilitate urban and regional planning with the help of digital twins.

What are Local Digital Twins?

Local Digital Twins (LDT) are 2D/3D representations of an area (e.g. a city) that are created using modeling and simulation technologies from (real-time) data sets from different stakeholders to support more inclusive and democratic spatial planning.

Project Objectives

  • Improving the understanding, skills and competences of public officials, spatial planning companies and citizens about the possibilities and limitations of using LDTs
  • Support inclusive development: LDTs are used inclusively, democratically, affordably and sustainably in territorial decision-making processes
  • Reducing the gap between cities that are introducing LDTs (frontrunners), those that are trying (followers), and
    those who are not (yet) aware of the potential of LDTs

Expected Outcomes

  • A common strategy and action plan: A common roadmap for the effective implementation of LDTs, covering the areas of technical design, governance, ethics, inclusion and democracy, as well as training for diverse urban stakeholders (public authorities, academic and research institutions, SMEs and non-governmental organizations).
  • 8 pilot actions: Eight initiatives jointly developed by different authorities and thematic clusters to test innovative solutions. The pilot actions are carried out by the City of Utrecht, the City of Amsterdam, the City of Rennes, Dublin City Council, the Environmental Agency Flanders, the City of Brussels, the inter-municipal association Leiedal and the municipality of Schuttrange.
  • Joint training: A training program for 300 participants to exchange knowledge, promote innovation and gain sovereignty in setting up and dealing with local digital twins.Beyond the eight pilot cities, the aim is to create added value for cities and regions throughout Europe.

Project Partners

Your contact person

In case of any questions around the EU-Project Twin4Resilience please reach out to project manager Verena Mutz.

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