Six questions for the innovation enthusiast

Alanus is the founder and CEO of DKSR. No matter how many key decisions are currently on his desk: He steers the company through all the waves with a sure hand – and always takes time to stay in touch with employees. Six questions for a CEO who really does ask every day before his midday trip to the supermarket whether he can also bring his team members something to eat.


Dr.-Ing. Alanus von Radecki

Where are you from – and what drew you to Berlin?

I’m from the south of Germany: from Freiburg – and after stations in South America and Stuttgart, I decided on Berlin because it’s the best place to grow an exciting company like DKSR. Among the reasons are the proximity to politics and associations, the local network and the urban lifestyle.

What characterizes a good company for you? And what makes a good team?

A good company solves social challenges and is profitable at the same time. It manages the balancing act between social added value and private-sector growth. Entrepreneurial risk, quick decisions and continuous learning from customers, partners and competitors are the basis for this – as well as an open culture and a great team! The latter exists when everyone in the company can address everything, expertise is more important than hierarchy, and everyone takes responsibility. Of course, this also means that trust and self-responsibility must be built into the structure and culture as a basis.

What do you do to keep stress levels down – for yourself and for the team?

I’ve stopped working in the evenings. I usually turn off the computer at 6 p.m. and (almost) don’t think about work for the rest of the day. This includes a lot of sports and enough time for personal relationships. No problem at work should be so big that it messes up your personal life. That also applies to the team, by the way. A high culture of trust is important to me, which is expressed, for example, in the fact that colleagues can work from different locations and work from home whenever they want – and can take an afternoon off without having to justify it. Nevertheless, it does get stressful sometimes. But that’s only ever temporary.

Your favorite quote?

Currently at least: “Seek Discomfort”. My son Matthi is a terrific course runner who always has to overcome himself for daring jumps. In this way, he continuously spurs me on as well. The truth is that for everything great and important in life, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

In a word, what’s the biggest benefit for municipalities in using data?

Exponential improvement.

What municipal challenge doesn’t have a data-based solution?

Municipalities exist because humans are social creatures and thrive on genuine interaction. This human component is central to municipal community, innovation, and democratic decision-making: We must not lose it! For this reason, the “metaverse” is also rather unappealing to me.