Our vision is to positively shape the future through the use of urban data. Our mission is to create the technical and organizational foundation for easy data use. This becomes a reality through a joint ecosystem with you as a partner company in the field of Urban Data. Our task is to create a uniform data infrastructure in cooperation with the municipal authorities, on the basis of which your applications can be successfully set up.

To this end, we focus on two components: our interoperable urban data platform and the development of our neutral knowledge hub (coming soon!).

With our solutions for your challenges we are creating real value: sustainable and data based.

Your Contact

Tim Cleffmann

Head of Business Innovation

mail: cleffmann@dksr.city

A Construction Kit for Smart Cities and Regions


We believe that a thriving Urban Data ecosystem needs a neutral facilitator. Therefore, we are committed to independance, transparency & objectivity. Through transparent processes, easy access and equal rules, we ensure that all providers can become part of the urban data ecosystem.


Our Urban Data Platform DKSR OUP is based on open standards, on recognized reference architectures and an open source code. This openness and interoperability makes the DKSR OUP the perfect foundation for an Urban Data ecosystem.

Offene Urbane Datenplattform


Easy Market Access

We build the bridge to municipal customers. Our partner cities get access to the info portal where they can register and communicate their products. In this you can see current challenges of cities and participate in discussion groups. All DKSR customers are data-savvy and have the necessary infrastructure.

Neutral ecosystem

We do not develop our own solutions and therefore act neutrally. Our role is to facilitate access to data in order to develop solutions that benefit cities and regions. We provide technical advice, establish contacts, and always do so neutrally, regardless of whether it’s a small start-up or a large corporation.

Standardized data access

We are establishing a standardized infrastructure in all DKSR partner cities. After the respective city has approved it, data can be obtained from our platform via an interface. We take care of the time-consuming work of connecting the different systems on site. In consultation with our municipal customers, we provide transparency about available data in a uniform data catalog.

Co-creation and transparency

Together with you, we want to bring structure to the complex urban data market. Due to our neutrality, we see ourselves in the role of moderator. From this role, we want to jointly shape the future of urban data use – from the definition of data models to joint funding and research projects, to the bundling and publication of positions from the field of urban data.

Core business focus

We take care of building the infrastructure (data acceptance / data provisioning), while you can specialize in your USPs. We don’t build sensors or write the next management AI. You are the experts. We take care of a functioning infrastructure that you can use as a basis.

current partners

Do you want to become part of the DKSR ecosystem?

The DKSR Ecosystem: For Solution-Oriented Companies

Our offer for companies that use data:

DKSR operates a neutral and interoperable data platform with standardized gateways.

For you, this offers the opportunity to focus on your core business. Leverage your strengths and develop the next application, the next traffic model or innovative, AI-supported forecasting tools.

Gut beraten

Our offer for "data owners":

No matter if your main business is the collection of e.g. sensor data or if data is a by-product of your core business: You can share, distribute and securely exchange this data via DKSR with interested players in our ecosystem.

Thanks to the technical implementation of the IDS standard, you can also share sensitive data securely via the DKSR platform. You manage the access rights to your data.

Click here for the technical details of the platform

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