Which data will help you master municipal challenges? How can you use urban data strategically to shape your cities and regions sustainably? What existing data management frameworks fit your organization and its goals?

Don’t lose sight of the big picture. We will help you answer all the questions around strategic urban data by utilizing our team’s combined decades of expertise, experience with over forty cities & regions, and expert knowledge from the Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Initiative.

With your individual needs in mind, we’ll lay the foundation for the use of urban data with you, develop concrete implementation strategies and accompany and evaluate your use cases.


We enable you to utilize data with creativity and a focus on your unique needs. Our consulting is based on real-world experience, and, at the same time, encourages you to think outside the box. 




Need support
in the sustainable data-based design of your city or region?


Your Contact Person for our consulting

David Hick

Consultant Urban Data Usage

mail: david.hick@dksr.city

Our consulting services are based on our data governance framework. For us, a good data governance strategy answers three questions:

  1. What decisions need to be made about data across the organization and in collaboration with partners?
  2. Which roles in the organization are involved in these decisions?
  3. In what ways are the roles involved?

Based on this framework, we design new processes that facilitate making better decisions with data as well as optimize already established procedures. We do this with the aim of improving urban services and using available data to create value for cities and regions.

Use the full potential of urban data for the sustainable design of your community! We’ll show you how.

Have questions or wish to receive a concrete offer?

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