A digital community for strong cities and regions

Close inter-municipal cooperation is needed for effective and widespread use of smart city solutions. Do you want to advance digitization in your municipality – and benefit from organized exchange with others? Exchange ideas and work together: Become part of the Urban Data Community and take advantage of our wide range of formats for developing and implementing data-based solutions!

With the web portal DKSR.square and our brown bag meetings “Lunch Break with Vitamin D(aten)”, we offer municipal stakeholders the free opportunity to get a taste of the world of added value of urban data use. For core members, it goes beyond networking directly into implementation: We ensure this with our strong event offering and exclusive information formats.

What makes the Community special


Core members of the community actively determine the content: This includes the topics of vitamin D breaks, knowledge products, workshops and the further development of DKSR.square.

Organized & Moderated

The community is actively organized by DKSR. You do not have to take care of any formalities: We organize the regular exchange between members, moderate events and prepare the results.


The focus of all activities and formats of the community is the implementation of sustainable smart city solutions. We enable and connect you with the most important players for fast and confident application.


Informieren Sie sich über unsere Informations- und Umsetzungsformate sowie Beteiligungsmöglichkeiten zur Mitarbeit an Plattform und Anwendungen.


We would be happy to inform you about the details of the community in a personal conversation.

Your UDC-Contact Person

Verena Mutz

Consultant Urban Data Community

E-Mail: community@dksr.city