The Open Urban Data Platform (OUP) is the necessary cornerstone for the use of digital solutions in the context of sustainable and public good-oriented urban development. It allows urban data to be integrated, linked, and applied as needed to address challenges in various areas of urban design – be it for the purpose of more efficient traffic control, more environmentally sensitive building management, or more disability-friendly mobility services.

Our open-source approach means that our Plattform-Code is publicly available on GitHub. This offers the enormous advantage that data sets from different systems can be easily added, harmonized, and linked: In this way, data-based solutions developed by individual municipalities become easily and quickly scalable and transferable, and can contribute to the efficient management of similar tasks of numerous municipalities beyond organizational and municipal boundaries.

Your Contact

Lukas Koch

Urban Data Expert

e-mail: koch@dksr.city

Our platform promise

With the DKSR Open Urban Data Platform (DKSR OUP), we want to make it possible for all cities and regions to implement data-based solutions quickly and easily. Therefore we are


We are your one-stop-shop partner when it comes to setting up, operating, and maintaining the open-source urban data platform. Our team of software architects, project managers, and developers accompany you throughout the phases of project planning and technical setup. We also take care of the smooth operation and connection of data sources to the platform.

We are happy to completely manage your platform. Cooperation with your own IT departments is also possible.

Setup of an individual platform

Operation of the platform and data hosting in the Open Telekom Cloud

Service & support during the operation of the platform

Specific configuration of the cloud according to your individual needs

Development of data models and requirements for use cases

Offer and connection of already available connectors

Further development of required connectors and their connections

Connection of existing data sets and interfaces for your use cases

Our platform technology

The DKSR OUP is an open-source urban data platform based on the EIP SCC reference architecture and on specifications according to DIN SPEC 91357. The core technology is based on the field-tested UrbanPulse© Plattform, developed by the urban software institute [ui!], which has already been successfully implemented, tested, and is continuously enhanced in over 40 municipalities. The platform has its particular strengths operating IoT-based applications with real-time functionalities (such as environmentally sensitive traffic control). These applications account for a large part of the smart city solutions that can benefit from an OUP.

The DKSR OUP focuses on minimal latency, meaning that the time between data acquisition and data provided is kept as low as possible, within a milliseconds range. In this way, sensor data can be processed, analyzed, and distributed in near real-time, and used to immediately respond to what is happening in the city, municipality, or region. This is achieved by the DKSR OUP software architecture, which is completely event-based.

Offene Urbane Datenplattform

Already today, there are 100+ connectors available and the number is growing with each project.

Some examples:

  • NextBike
  • SensorThing
  • Siemens Traffic Management System
  • Yellow Map (Charging Stations)

Our standards & tools


Blueprint for information and communication technology in urban and municipal areas (DIN SPEC 91357).

Diva - Data inventory and valuation approach

Inventories your city’s data and makes it available with a unified metadata vocabulary.

Smart cities IKT with OUPplus

The standardized reference architecture for the implementation of smart city solutions and data infrastructure in urban areas.

Open Telekom Cloud

The Open Telekom Cloud is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering and is operated in German data centers.

Fiware Certified

The DKSR platform includes the integrated FIWARE Context Broker and is therefore FIWARE-compatible.

International Data Space (IDS)

The new European standard for data sovereignty. Data sets can be provided with conditions of use. The basis of GAIA-X.

My Data Control Technologies

Technical implementation of data sovereignty, which is an essential component for informational self-determination


Data management system supporting public sector data processing operations from data collection through provision to use.

In progress...

We are constantly developing our platform and adapting it to common standards.

You want to use our platform as a city & region or as a company?


You have more questions? Maybe you will find the answer in our FAQs!

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