Six questions for the all-round communications talent

Anne-Marie does and manages everything to create maximum visibility for DKSR and its work. This includes various tasks: from managing digital channels to press relations and event organization. What drives a Japanology graduate with a soft spot for vibrant mega-metropolises and a broad background in media and public relations to PR for the administrative audience, she tells here.


Anne-Marie Pellegrin

Where did you grow up – and what drew you to Berlin?

I was born in Karlsruhe, grew up in various towns in Baden and, from the seventh grade, in Barcelona, where I attended the German School until I graduated from high school. After my studies in Tübingen and Kyoto, love and career drew me to Berlin.

What are DKSR’s values that you identify with?

For many, the term smart city still stands for a technocratic and purely profit-driven vision of the city. Digitization in an urban context with sustainable social benefits must be pursued according to needs and in close cooperation with the public sector: This is what we live at DKSR. At the same time, there is an urgent need for innovation in cities and municipalities, which the administration has usually struggled with to date. DKSR is doing its best to provide support here – with maximum transparency in the handling of digital processes and data. Creating visibility for this mission and way of working is also very close to my personal heart.

What makes your job particularly exciting?

The work for and contact with such a specific audience, behind which there are so many insanely dedicated people. It inspires me to have met numerous exciting personalities working for innovation related to sustainability and social cohesion since I started my job. I’m also excited by the diversity and impact of the projects we drive forward: You certainly don’t get bored with communication there.

What are you known for among your colleagues?

Chic, charm and accuracy, I hope. But I’ll have to put that question to my colleagues. …The colleagues say: Style in expression and appearance! I was not so wrong.

Without which gadget or ritual would your everyday life not run?

My bicycle – for the daily way to work. Even when it’s sub-zero!

A book that has made a lasting impression on you?

Oh, I have to name at least two. More recently: “Power To The People: How We’re Reinventing Democracy with Technology” by Georg Diez and Emanuel Heisenberg. Over the last twenty years: “Momo” by Michael Ende.