Five questions for our most important interface

Lukas is an expert for urban data at DKSR and the central interface in the team when it comes to networking colleagues from development, consulting and communication. He is the right contact person for in-depth discussions on a wide range of topics: from digital twins to Bourdieusian capital theory to the most popular Netflix series. Here, he talks about what inspires him in his engagement with data-driven urban planning.

Expert Urban Data

Lukas Koch

Where are you from – and what drew you to Berlin?

That’s a long story. I came to Berlin because of love – and the prospect of a fantastic apartment in beautiful Kreuzberg.

What stages in your life led you to DKSR?

First and foremost, my time as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in urban system design. Among other things, I worked there on urban data and pedestrian-friendly urban development.

How would you explain your job to a schoolchild?

I try to figure out (via data) how people use their city, and then make it more beautiful. I think you should feel (almost) as comfortable on the street as you do in your own living room.

What is especially important to you in your job and in your role at DKSR?

Being able to make a small contribution to sustainable cities with the team and our municipal partners.

Which personality from the past or present would you like to chat with?

Michael Batty – to talk to him about the city of the future, and how to best integrate his research into everyday and practical urban development.

What makes the DKSR team stand out for you?

The high level of motivation in each and every one.