Maria is a freelancer at DKSR and supports the team primarily for the project TwinBy – Digital Twins in Bavaria: Because the implementation of Digital Twins for 18 Bavarian municipalities involves a lot of work. Here, she tells us what drives the consultant in her projects in addition to her many years of commitment to the topic of sustainability.


Maria Real Perdomo

What are your daily tasks (at TwinBy)?

I support municipalities with digital implementations. I see my role as making projects as light on my feet as possible: Because when you’re building something like a digital twin, it can get jerky. I support the work by preparing deadlines well and with as much advance notice as possible, by coordinating intensively within the project team – and, of course, by responding to questions as quickly and specifically as possible as a contact person.

What do you enjoy most about working with and for communities?

For me, project work has something to do with caring. I’m referring to the fact that project work not only requires methods and content; it also requires understanding and responding to the participants in the project. That’s why I enjoy my work most when I can really work according to needs.

What constitutes good corporate culture for you?

One of the foundations of a good corporate culture is that employees enjoy their work and are motivated to keep developing and not shy away from challenges. This in turn calls for a good culture of mistakes and a certain tolerance.

Which personality from the past or present would you like to chat with?

Maria Sibylla Merian was a 17th century German naturalist. It’s not just the fact that she emancipated herself even back then that excites me, but also her art and her love of insects. She was a companion to modern entomology and put beautiful illustrations to paper that are of very high value today.

What tip would you give to a small municipality facing the big task of digitization?

I would advise it to start small and with the most urgent. This will allow the municipality to achieve quick wins and build a good foundation, securing support for follow-up projects from all stakeholders.

In a nutshell, what is the biggest advantage for municipalities in using data?

Measure targeting. 😉 Data informs which measures make the most sense and therefore add the most value. With tight budgets and increasing challenges, this is a really important contribution.