Six questions to our coding enthusiast

Oshadhi enriches our tech team as a student, where she can combine her fascination for smart cities with her passion for coding. In this interview, you can find out what else she is interested in.


Oshadhi Samarasinghe

What drew you to the topic of Smart City and Data Platforms?

Imagine coming home safe and sound after a crazy day. Smart cities can make that happen. That’s why I’m so into Smart Cities and Data Platforms—they just make life simpler in the coolest ways.

What’s the most important thing you have learned since starting at DKSR?

With each small step, big challenges transform into little victories.

What’s the smartest City you know and why?

Seoul is undeniably one of the smartest cities I know. It has seamlessly blended cutting-edge technology with urban living to create an incredibly intelligent and efficient environment. Seoul doesn’t just embrace technology, it ingeniously incorporates it into the fabric of daily life.

What do you do to get your mind off work?

My go-to escapes are music, cooking, and long walks.

How did you get into coding?

During the first semester of my bachelor’s, when I had to choose an engineering field, I followed my instinct and opted for computer science. From that point on, I never looked back. Coding has always kept my brain awake and engaged, and I guess that’s why I love it.

If you studied something else, what would it be?

If I were to study something else, it would probably be ancient history and architecture. Wandering through ancient arts is one of my favorite things, and there’s a fascination in exploring the remnants of the past.