Six questions for the coordination talent

Yvonne is enthusiastic about many things: whether a walk with her dog, various flowers or the city of Chemnitz. She moved there for her Master’s in Management & Organization Studies. In her job, one thing counts for Yvonne above all: meaning! At DKSR, she finds this in the company’s sustainable and community-oriented approach – and is enthusiastically involved at the interface between development and project management.

Product Development

Yvonne Margis

What is your interest in the field of sustainable data-based urban development? Why does this topic make sense to you?

It is simply a topic that is becoming more and more relevant, and where more and more is possible. I think especially the public sector with its rigid bureaucracy still needs competent support here to exploit the possible potentials completely fair for all citizens.

What do you think is the best way for you to contribute to the company/projects?

Thanks to my broadly based master’s degree with three different areas of focus (innovation, human resources and organization), I can provide optimal support for change processes, taking into account the various players. I find innovation and technology management particularly exciting. But I can also support general knowledge management in cities and the various challenges of digitalization in the best possible way with my knowledge. The introduction of new agile work processes and general project management are particularly appealing to me!

If you were to study something completely different again – what would it be?

I can get excited about a lot of different topics, but I would probably do something in the direction of the police or fire department – however, I would also need a steadier stomach for the things that occur there in everyday work! That’s why I’m absolutely happy with what I’m studying!

You live in Chemnitz – what is the first thing you tell people when they ask you about the city and life there?

The people are much more open than I thought they would be (as I was born in the Rhineland) and of course the rent prices are just unbeatable! Also, a trip to Chemnitz is worth it – I just say Nischel & Cultural Capital 2025!

The biggest advantage and challenge of working from home permanently?

The biggest advantage is that my dog warms my feet in winter and I can work super flexible! But without the conversations in the office – even if only between door and door – sometimes the interpersonal is missing. I think that is the biggest challenge for me – as a very open and communicative person! It’s just a little different than hopping from meeting to meeting online.

If the day had one hour more, what would you do with it?

Hope the sun is shining and sit outside with my dog and a book!