The Data Competence Center for Cities and Regions (DKSR) is pleased to announce the launch of its open-source Urban Data Platform in the UK, with an outstanding offer for Local Authorities.

The DKSR platform empowers Local Authorities to meet Net Zero Targets with a unique combination of data driven  technology, expertise and services. With over 100 cities worldwide using the open data platform DKSR intends to offer our extensive data capabilities to the UK.

Our open-source Urban Data Platform allows Local Authorities to connect and make the most out of data, retaining full control and ownership enabling the monitoring, reporting and delivering of its Scope 1, 2 and 3 Net Zero obligations for topics such as building retrofit, energy efficiency, fleet transition & active travel and waste management.

After collecting experience in Europe, DKSR is looking for a small number of innovative Local Authorities and Boroughs in the UK who want to act as pathfinders and help shape the DKSR offer to the UK market.  This is a unique opportunity to access our products and services, exchange and replicate proven solutions, and  participate in the creation of DKSR UK.


You can find further details of our UK Pathfinder Package here or contact our UK Net Zero experts Jason Warwick and Antony Page.


Antony Page

Staff Category: [ui!]uk Managing Director

Qualification: BA LLB

Antony is a recognised blue chip cities services expert, with over 20 years’ global experience working across local public services (including City Authorities, Health, Probation & Police), and public-facing private sector (BPO, transformation, B2B). He is the global lead for the Urban Institute (DE) business development.

Antony shaped the successful EC bid (H2020 SCC 01) for London Milan and Lisbon Sharing Cities €24m and served as the foundation Governance and  Programme Manager. In addition Antony was the lead for data policy and GDPR. [ui!]uk was a beneficary of an ELENA grant in the HELLO porgramme.

Originally trained as a solicitor, and subsequently holding diverse roles including policy, equalities, performance, procurement and transformation, Antony has a deep understanding of powers and governance within city services and, through his work in the private sector, of commercial interests and risk management.

Jason Warwick

Staff Category: [ui!]uk Managing Director

Qualification: TOGAF 8, ISEB Certificate in Consulting

Jason is a highly experienced smart city technology leader & strategist whose core competencies span CTO, Lead Enterprise Architect, and Solution Director roles in top 5 IT/consultancies. He is also the global lead for the Urban Institue (DE), for product development.

Jason’s extensive global experience of delivering strategic transformation for verticals including, local government, criminal justice, transport, telecoms (fixed and mobile), media, utilities, retail, and financial services. His work has included big data propositions for a major UK retailer.

Jason has deep experience in technology transformation in government and cities with techical expertise in Smart City, M2M & IoT technologies. He is currently leading EV mobility solutions, smart lighting and the Urban Sharing Platform for EU H2020 Sharing Cities project and for the EIP Action Cluster.