What is the Morgenstadt Urban Data Community?

The Morgenstadt Urban Data Community is a network for knowledge and information exchange that supports municipal partners and their data-based transformation processes.

Isolated, city-specific solutions are often identified during the implementation of digital transformation processes. However, these solutions cannot bring significant added value to other municipalities without a sufficient exchange among them. Therefore, the DKSR, together with the Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Initiative, aims to link interested municipalities within the Morgenstadt Urban Data Community network in order to stimulate the exchange of experience and knowledge, and the identification of synergies and new transformation potential in the field of data management.

Benefits of the Urban Data Community

The Morgenstadt Urban Data Community offering is made up of several components:

Innovation Process

Participating cities and regions are supported in the conduction of workshops and the exchange of best practices. In the process, data-based applications (use cases) can be developed for the respective partners of the Morgenstadt urban data community.

Data Models

Within the Morgenstadt Urban Data Community, standardized data models are provided for direct local implementation in the ETSI NGSI format and are made usable for all participating municipalities and municipal partners.

Ecosystem Connectivity

The access to data sources and the quality assurance of the solution approaches are guaranteed in the Morgenstadt Urban Data Community by solution providers in the field of smart city systems.

Education and Training

Regular training sessions on urban data topics are offered to members of the Morgenstadt urban data community. These can be conducted virtually in groups of up to ten people.

Urban Data Summit

By organizing the annual conference- “Urban Data Summit”- with representatives from politics, business, science and leading associations, the visibility and reach of the project results is guaranteed. At the same time, the development of joint position papers can be initiated here.


Within the Morgenstadt Urban Data Community, joint decision-making processes will be initiated and the structuring and further development of the network will be discussed. Furthermore, the Morgenstadt urban data community is represented within the DKSR by participating partners and their responsibilities towards us are defined.

Become a part of the community

The Morgenstadt Urban Data Community is the perfect start in the topic of urban data. Find out now how you can take the first steps towards a meaningful use of urban data as a member, in a very simple and cost-effective manner.

We would be happy to inform you about the details of the community in a personal conversation or you can download our standard offer here.

Advantages for participating municipalities & regions

Within the Urban Data Community, municipalities and municipal companies have the opportunity to exchange information on urban data, use cases and data models. They can also benefit from the know-how and support from the DKSR team. Tried and tested approaches from other municipalities can be viewed and, for example, adopted according to the “plug and play” principle. The “peer-to-peer-learning” for municipalities is further supported through events, trainings and workshops, which are carried out together with science and economy stakeholders, as well as through an own communication channel for the urban data community. Partnerships can also be formed within the network for the jointly implementation of data-based transformation projects, or for funding applications.

At the same time, the strategic direction and prioritization of topics within the DKSR are co-decided within the urban data community. This collaborative approach allows the design of relevant, city-based solutions, that are easily transferred to other city contexts, and can be scaled in scope. In addition, the joint design of services and solutions reduces the individual costs for all partners.

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