Acting together in the Morgenstadt Urban Data Community

The time of patchwork and data silos is over: Comprehensive digital solutions are needed. In order to create and implement these, we are networking municipal actors with each other – in the Urban Data Community (UDC). Organized by DKSR and the Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Initiative, municipalities and municipal companies in the UDC jointly develop smart city solutions and make them available to each other: the ideal exchange platform for advancing digital urban development!

The members of the Urban Data Community (UDC) develop data-based use cases together in order to deploy them in the respective member cities and to make them available to the other members of the community for prompt implementation in open source. This collaboration saves costs in addition to necessary development time – for example, when joint procurement is worthwhile, or when an application developed by municipality A and successfully tested is adopted by municipalities B, C, and D. Regular meetings and various event formats within the community also ensure short paths for exchanging knowledge and experience, making solution approaches scalable and easy to implement.

Together with the Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Initiative, we organize training and expert support for the participating communities in conducting workshops on smart city design – and within the framework of innovation partnerships, we link the community with our diverse partners* from the smart city sector. This enables access to various data sources and ensures the quality of the solutions in the long term.

Service Components of the Urban Data Community

Do you want to advance digitization in your municipality – and are convinced that everyone can benefit from shared solutions? The Morgenstadt Urban Data Community offer is made up of various components:

Our exchange platform: DKSR.square

UDC members have access to the DKSR.square web portal. Here, information and experience can be exchanged with other municipal actors in order to bring digital solutions to a wider audience – but also with companies that have the right solutions ready for implementation. UDC members are closely involved in the further development of DKSR.square.

Together, cheaper: Community prices

Community members receive services from DKSR at a reduced cost. These include training and participation in various events. In the full membership, the development of technical components is strongly discounted.

Our networking and expert meeting: Urban Data Summit (UDS)

At the Urban Data Summit, the community gathers annually for a central network meeting. The one-day event takes place at changing, inspiring locations with a current focus topic.

Our update format: Brown Bag Meetings

This compact format covers topics suggested by the community on a monthly basis. Members get an overview of current concerns of other smart cities and do not have to invest more time than the duration of a lunch break.

Our link to science: Annual conference of the Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Initiative / Fraunhofer IAO

Members receive discounted access to the annual conference of the Frauenhofer Morgenstadt Initiative. Here, science and practice meet to discuss the latest developments in the field of smart cities.

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